Saturday, November 30, 2013

14 Beautiful and Elegant Christmas Wreaths

I sometimes have a hard time decorating for holidays because I love so many different styles: traditional, modern, and glam.  I've been working on getting our front porch decorated for the holiday season and I found some great and beautiful looking wreaths to use as my inspirations.  Check out these 14 beautiful and elegant Christmas wreaths!
Beautiful and Elegant Christmas Wreaths from

Glitter Christmas Wreath from
I can't find a darn source!

DIY Winter Wonderland Christmas Wreath from

 Gold Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath from

Evergreen Fir Christmas Wreath from
can't find a darn source!

Evergreen and Flower CHristmas Wreath from

Gold Ribbon Christmas Wreath from

Gold Thumb Tack Christmas Wreath from

Elegant and Evergreen Christmas Wreath from
can't find a darn source!

Christmas Moss Wreath from

Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath from

Silk Flower Wreath from
couldn't find a darn source!

Hydrangea Christmas Wreath from

Lemon Drop Wreath from


  1. These are GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing. The bottom green one is my favorite.


    1. Thanks Lori for always commenting on my posts! You're so kind.

  2. Oh I am loving all of these wreaths - beautiful!!

    1. Summer! I never got to say hello to you at the SL Auction event. Thanks for always supporting me and my humble blog!


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